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Chantal Cough-Schulze is the social media editor for the Journal of Heredity. She manages and writes for the AGA/JHered blog and manages the society and journal’s social media.

Chantal is a science writer, photographer, audio producer, and data nerd. She is currently completing her M.S. in science journalism at Texas A&M University. Chantal first dove into the world of genetics as an undergraduate at Oregon State University, where she worked for a herpetology lab catching endemic tailed frogs and salamanders in the mountains for population genetics studies and creating amphibian range maps using ArcGIS.

Since then, Chantal has lived in Virginia, Alaska, North Carolina, and Texas and has worked as a science education program developer, fruit seller, apartment maintenance technician, and animal skeleton articulator, among other jobs. In all her jobs, she has loved being able to share scientific ideas and amplify voices less often heard.

In addition to being the JHered social media editor, Chantal is currently an audio producer on an upcoming climate communication podcast and a science writer and editor for Texas Water Resources Institute. When she’s not working, Chantal is dancing, singing, boxing, hiking, gardening, or watching birds. She currently lives in Texas with her fiancé, who is a genetics doctoral candidate, and a pet bearded dragon, two pet mice, and a neighborhood toad. If you’re curious about Chantal’s other work, you can learn more at


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