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EECG Embarkation 2024: GRINFISH. Genomics of Reindhartius hippoglossoides on Inshore Fisheries

About the author Daniel Estévez-Barcia is a postdoctoral researcher at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources working in collaboration with several institutions of marine research in the North Atlantic. His work focuses on applying population genomics to fisheries and studying the evolutionary biology and behavior of marine organisms (chiefly fish). Together with other researchers in […]


EECG Extension: Same questions, same region, different system

About the author Shelby Tisinai is a PhD Candidate in the Busch Lab at Washington State University. She is currently using molecular techniques to explore environmental and genomic drivers of local adaptation in plant populations endemic to steep elevational gradients. “It’s called research because you always have to redo it.”  A cynical statement formed from […]


EECG Embarkation 2024: Microgeographic adaptation and landscape connectivity in two anoles from the small, environmentally heterogeneous island of St. Martin

About the author Michael Yuan (he/him) is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Biodiversity Science and Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences working with Dr. Rayna Bell and Dr. Lauren Esposito. His work is focused on the evolutionary ecology and conservation of reptiles and amphibians, particularly in the Caribbean. Learn more at his […]


Best Student Paper 2024: Killer whales that once cooperatively hunted whales with whalers are likely extinct

About the author, our 2024 Best Student Paper Awardee: Isabella M. Reeves is a PhD Candidate in evolutionary ecology based at Flinders University. Her thesis focuses on using genomic and biochemical tools to understand how the evolution of populations has affected their behavior and ecology, with a focus on killer whales. Globally, human-wildlife cooperative relationships […]


Meet the Council: Dr. Brendan J. Pinto

Check out his website and Bluesky ( Can you provide an overview of your background and experience in evolutionary biology? What motivated you to pursue a career in this field? My interest in evolutionary biology broadly was sparked at a fairly young age while trying to reconcile what I was being taught as true in […]


A dragon a day keeps the blues away (maybe)

About the Author Miranda Wade received her B.S. in Biological Science from Colorado State University and her dual PhD in Integrative Biology and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior from Michigan State University. During her time in the Meek Lab at MSU, her work consisted of using ‘omics to address various conservation questions in both a […]


EECG Extension: Returning to Curaçao during a coral bleaching event

About the Blog Author Dr. Jennifer Hoey is an evolutionary ecologist and Postdoctoral Researcher in the Reefscape Genomics Lab at the California Academy of Sciences. She studies how marine organisms adapt to changing conditions by investigating the evolutionary processes that contribute to genomic and morphological patterns of variation in the sea. Follow Jennifer on Twitter […]


EECG Epilogue: Species differences in hormonally mediated gene expression underlie the evolutionary loss of sexually dimorphic coloration in Sceloporus lizards

About the Author Chris Robinson (he/him) is a PhD candidate in Bob Cox’s lab at the University of Virginia. His interests lay in how hormones contribute to phenotypic development and the evolution of hormone-genome interactions. His work uses hormonal manipulations, transcriptomics, and cellular imaging to understand how traits are gained and lost among closely related […]


Behind the Scientist: An Interview with Kim Scribner

About the Scientist Kim Scribner is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and Department of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University. Research in his lab involves applications of molecular genetic markers and evolutionary theory to examine questions in ecological genetics and conservation biology. Such investigations include determining levels of gene flow […]


A conference abroad: Global Invertebrates Genomics Alliance (GIGA) V meeting in Cartegena, Colombia

About the author Dylan Comb is a fisheries research associate at Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute (GMGI) where he currently works on a population genetics study on Jonah crab as well as on a project using environmental DNA to assess biodiversity in tandem with traditional state fisheries surveys. His background is in ecology and field biology, […]


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