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EECG Embarkation: Mito-nuclear coevolution in the Savannah sparrow, a species with deeply-divergent and broadly sympatric mitochondrial lineages

About the Author Dr. Phred Benham is a post-doctoral researcher at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California Berkeley with Dr. Rauri C. K. Bowie. Phred is broadly interested in the evolutionary mechanisms shaping avian adaptation to different environments. You can follow his research on his website and on mastodon. Eukaryotic organisms like plants, […]

EECG Embarkation: Mix ingredients, bake for a few million years: an evo-devo recipe for studying phenotypic evolution

About the blog author  Dr Luca Livraghi is an evolutionary-developmental biologist and Post-Doc at George Washington University in Washington DC. His work focuses on investigating genotype-phenotype relationships through butterfly wing patterns. He is a terrible cook. Follow Luca on twitter @LivraghiLuca  Culinary inspiration:  You are hiking through your favorite alpine trail, enjoying the breathtaking views. […]

EECG Embarkation: Testing genomic mechanisms and consequences of species persistence in rediscovered amphibians

  About the author Kyle Jaynes (he/him) is a PhD Candidate in Dr. Sarah Fitzpatrick’s lab at Michigan State University. Heis broadly interested in the evolutionary ecology of amphibians and reptiles, and currently thinks mostly about conservation genetic applications to endangered amphibians. Visit Kyle’s website or follow him on twitter for updates on his work. […]

EECG Embarkation: Understanding the genomic basis of adaptive radiation

    About the author Dr. Jae Young Choi was a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Dr. Michael Puruggan at New York University. His research focuses on understanding the evolutionary basis of island adaptive radiation in plants using genomics and fieldwork based approaches. In collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Stacy at University of Nevada Las […]

EECG Embarkation: Reefscape genomics: Mapping hybridization and adaptation across the Caribbean coral reef slope

    About the Blog Author Dr. Jennifer Hoey is an evolutionary ecologist and NSF-OCE Postdoctoral Fellow in the Reefscape Genomics Lab at the California Academy of Sciences. She studies how marine organisms adapt to changing conditions by investigating the evolutionary processes that contribute to genomic and morphological patterns of variation in the sea. Follow […]

EECG Embarkation: How connected are oceanic islands? The trans-oceanic journeys of the island-hopping Hibiscus sect. Lilibiscus.

        About the author Brock Mashburn is a PhD Candidate at Washington University in St. Louis and the Missouri Botanical Garden, working in the labs of Dr. Christine Edwards and Dr. Ken Olsen. He is interested in applying genetic methods to practical conservation, as well as questions regarding speciation and biogeography.   […]

EECG Epilogue: Population genomics reveals a single introduction of the invasive white pine sawfly, Diprion similis.

      About the Blog Author: Jeremy is an evolutionary ecologist and NSF postdoctoral fellow working with Catherine Linnen at the University of Kentucky Department of Biology. He is broadly interested in adaptation, speciation, population genomics and chemical ecology of insects. Follow him on Twitter @flydrocarbon.         Biological introductions can be seen as “natural experiments” […]

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