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A ‘Cen-sational’ Post


About the Blog Author: Stacy Krueger-Hadfield is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her lab investigates the evolutionary ecology of sex. Lab members can be found in the sea, in streams, or in the snow. When she’s not out in the field or pinning algae in her hair, Stacy serves as The AGA Social Media Editor.



In making plans for the rest of 2021, I realized we were coming up on a rather momentous post!

I shamelessly stole the title for this the 100th post as The AGA Blog Editor from my fearless and indispensable partner-in-social media, Anjanette Baker. This blog, let alone the society as a whole, would not function without Anjanette!

Since taking over the blog in January 2020, we’ve worked hard at developing series and providing opportunities for early career scientists to write about science. I decided to make a brief retrospective list on our posts:

  • Helen Taylor wrote a 4-part series (our first unofficial series!) on conservation
  • 7 posts have been written about the Presidential Symposia in 2020 and 2021, including a series of Symposium Snippets!
  • 2 special event write-ups
  • 8 Behind the Science posts – a personal favorite of what happens behind the scenes like Behind the Music – including one on a Stephen J. O’Brien award recipient’s paper!
  • 23 posts by EECG recipients, including the series EECG Embarkation where awardees describe their interests and projects – Stay tuned for the mid- and final posts!
  • 14 posts following the publication of papers from Maria Orive’s Presidential Symposium in 2019 – stay tuned for the first installments from Kim Hughes’ symposium in 2022!
  • 14 posts from students in my courses at UAB – course credit and a non-peer-reviewed piece!
  • 25 posts about #JHered papers
  • 2 posts from the field

It’s been a great pleasure to read about the stories behind the science and learn about new research while editing the posts. Here’s to the next 100.

If you’re interested in writing, please get in touch. Anjanette and I are always on the look out for new writers! If you’re interested in SciComm and incorporating blogs into your course also get in touch! Happy to help!

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