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EECG Extension: Diving into a hijacked brain – effects of parasitism on threespine stickleback behaviour and brain morphology

About the blog author: Murielle Ålund is a researcher interested in how environmental change affects interactions between species, particularly in scenarios where previously separated species suddenly come into contact, leading to new scenarios of interspecific competition, predator-prey, or host-parasite interactions. Currently a postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala university, Sweden, she studies reproduction, parasitism and long-term interactions between […]


EECG Extension: The little plant that could – does epigenetics explain how a freshwater plant lives a salty life?

About the blog author: Anna O’Brien is joining the faculty Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences at the University of New Hampshire in March 2022, but is currently a Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB). Anna works in the labs of Profs Megan Frederickson (EEB), Chelsea Rochman (EEB), […]


EECG Epilogue: Schistocephalus solidus as a puppet master – Can this parasite manipulate the behavior of its threespine stickleback host?

About the Blog Author: Chloé Berger is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of integrative and systems biology at Laval University, Québec Canada. She is interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying biodiversity and adaptations of organisms in their environments. During her PhD with Nadia Aubin-Horth, she worked on host behavior manipulation and used molecular/functional approaches […]


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