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Best Student Paper 2024: Killer whales that once cooperatively hunted whales with whalers are likely extinct

About the author, our 2024 Best Student Paper Awardee: Isabella M. Reeves is a PhD Candidate in evolutionary ecology based at Flinders University. Her thesis focuses on using genomic and biochemical tools to understand how the evolution of populations has affected their behavior and ecology, with a focus on killer whales. Globally, human-wildlife cooperative relationships […]


EECG Extension: Returning to Curaçao during a coral bleaching event

About the Blog Author Dr. Jennifer Hoey is an evolutionary ecologist and Postdoctoral Researcher in the Reefscape Genomics Lab at the California Academy of Sciences. She studies how marine organisms adapt to changing conditions by investigating the evolutionary processes that contribute to genomic and morphological patterns of variation in the sea. Follow Jennifer on Twitter […]


Ne curiosity about effective population size?

About the authors: Miranda Wade received her B.S. in Biological Science from Colorado State University and her dual PhD in Integrative Biology and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior from Michigan State University. During her time in Mariah Meek’s lab at MSU, her work consisted of using ‘omics to address various conservation questions in both a […]


Subspecies… They Matter! The Tale of the Rough Footed Mud Turtle 

About the author:   Brinkley Thornton wrote this blog for Dr. Krueger-Hadfield’s Fall 2022 Ecological Genetics course. Brinkley is currently a graduate student in the Department of Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham seeking her MS degree in Biology. She works in the Krueger-Hadfield Evolutionary Ecology Lab. Her research focuses on uncovering the […]


EECG Embarkation: Testing genomic mechanisms and consequences of species persistence in rediscovered amphibians

  About the author Kyle Jaynes (he/him) is a PhD Candidate in Dr. Sarah Fitzpatrick’s lab at Michigan State University. Heis broadly interested in the evolutionary ecology of amphibians and reptiles, and currently thinks mostly about conservation genetic applications to endangered amphibians. Visit Kyle’s website or follow him on twitter for updates on his work. […]


From the Field: Snow Algal Science

ABOUT THE BLOG AUTHORS: The Kodner Lab is an enigmatic group studying alpine snow algae in the Washington area. Dr. Robin Kodner, our intrepid leader, has a passion for algae surpassing previously known bounds, bringing joy and genius to the mountainous algae. Our seaweed physiologist and roof rack expert, Dr. Dan Van Hees, brings humor and […]


EECG Embarkation: The ghost of oysters past – museomics of an extinct oyster population and the search for survivors

**The AGA grants EECG Research Awards each year to graduate students and post-doctoral researchers who are at a critical point in their research, where additional funds would allow them to conclude their research project and prepare it for publication. EECG awardees also get the opportunity to hone their science communication and write posts over their […]


Behind the Science: Lessons from lamprey

About the blog author: Allison K. Miller is a conservation biologist and PhD candidate in the Gemmell Lab at the University of Otago doing research on lamprey genetics in the Southern Hemisphere. She studied coral reef ecology at the University of Guam where her master’s thesis research focused on holothuroid (sea cucumber) phylogenetics. She then worked […]


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