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Behind the science: Looking for the population genetic signatures of variable clonality across an environmental gradient

About the author: Will H. Ryan is a postdoc currently working in the Krueger-Hadfield Lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham on the evolutionary ecology of marine organisms with complex life cycles. In order to better understand mechanisms driving local adaptation and life cycle diversity, he studies how environmental variation interacts with genetic and plastic […]


Genomic Perspectives in Comparative Physiology of Mollusks: Integration across Disciplines

About the author: Dr. Omera Matoo (she/her/hers) is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE. Her research uses evolutionary genetics and ecophysiology to understand how organisms, from both terrestrial and aquatic habitats, maintain energetic fitness under stress. She earned her PhD in Biology from University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2013, where […]


Nature versus nurture: estimating heritability of deer antlers and body size

Aaron Shafer is an Assistant Professor at Trent University, Canada. Their research uses genomic and bioinformatics tools to characterize adaptive and demographic processes in natural populations. Research organisms in the lab currently include shrews, deer, caribou and mountain goats. Lead-author Aidan Jamieson was an honours biology student who is now doing a MSc at York […]


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