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EECG Extension: Returning to Cura├žao during a coral bleaching event

About the Blog Author Dr. Jennifer Hoey is an evolutionary ecologist and Postdoctoral Researcher in the Reefscape Genomics Lab at the California Academy of Sciences. She studies how marine organisms adapt to changing conditions by investigating the evolutionary processes that contribute to genomic and morphological patterns of variation in the sea. Follow Jennifer on Twitter […]


A conference abroad: Global Invertebrates Genomics Alliance (GIGA) V meeting in Cartegena, Colombia

About the author Dylan Comb is a fisheries research associate at Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute (GMGI) where he currently works on a population genetics study on Jonah crab as well as on a project using environmental DNA to assess biodiversity in tandem with traditional state fisheries surveys. His background is in ecology and field biology, […]


AGA Travel Scholarship Award for the fifth Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance Conference

About the author Emily Giles is a Phd Candidate at the Universidad Astral de Chile. Her work involves evaluating the contributions of evolutionary forces and genetic constraints to genomic divergence during speciation with gene flow. Specifically, she works with species and populations of the genus Scurria, true limpets common to the marine intertidal of the […]


Behind the Science: Porifera genomics, the trickiness of an early emerging taxon

  About the blog author: Yvain Desplat graduated with Master of Science from Nova Southeastern University in Florida (August, 2020). His thesis work focused on characterizing gene responses after oil and dispersant exposure in marine sponges (Cinachyrella spp.) to establish the genus Cinachyrella as a bioindicator in the face of environmental challenges. He currently works […]


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