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EECG Epilogue: Schistocephalus solidus as a puppet master – Can this parasite manipulate the behavior of its threespine stickleback host?

**The AGA grants EECG Research Awards each year to graduate students and post-doctoral researchers who are at a critical point in their research, where additional funds would allow them to conclude their research project and prepare it for publication. EECG awardees also get the opportunity to hone their science communication and write posts over their […]


Chronic wasting disease and its threat for endangered deer species

  About the author:┬áNisha Dwivedi a conservation biology masters student at Lund University. As part of her thesis project she is currently exploring genetic variation at the immune gene level in different rodent species.       When thinking of pathogens, we usually imagine bacteria, viruses, or even parasites. Indeed, despite their important differences, most […]


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