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From the field: Midway Atoll, from one battle to the next

  About the author: Taylor Williams (she/her) is a Ph.D. student in Dr. Stacy Krueger-Hadfield’s Evolutionary Ecology lab at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. This blog post was written as a part of Dr. Krueger-Hadfield’s Fall 2022 Ecological Genetics course. Taylor received her B.S. in Marine Biology from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa […]


Unlocking the Secrets of the Type D Killer Whale

    About the author Emma Luck is an Alaska-based marine scientist and science communicator with experience working with killer whales and other marine mammals in Alaska and Norway. She enjoys communicating with the public and uses her photos, illustrations, and background in biology to highlight research on marine mammals, particularly killer whales, through various […]


Tick, Tick…Mutation load?

    About the Blog Author: Jade Mellor (she/her) is a PhD student in Dr. Greer Dolby’s lab focusing on evolutionary and conservation genomics in desert gopher tortoises. Previously, she has completed a B.S. in Biology at the College of William & Mary, and an MS in Biology from Clemson University. She wrote this blog […]


Friend or Foe? Plant Tumors and the Bacteria Which Cause Them

    About the author: Regina Bedgood (she/her) earned her BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry at UAB and is currently a PhD student in Dr. Karolina Mukhtar’s lab at UAB where she studies molecular plant biology. Specifically, she researches biotic and abiotic stress of plants using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model organism. In her […]


Annotating Multigene Families in Non-Model Organisms

      Andrew Legan is a postdoctoral researcher at the USDA-ARS and University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. He is a skilled science communicator and can be found on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and his personal website. Reach out to him on any of these platforms, or via email at andrew.w.legan[at]gmail[dot]com.         […]


Evolutionary Forecasting — How Predictable Is Evolution?

    Thomas Blankers is assistant professor of evolutionary ecology at the University of Amsterdam. He is interested in divergent evolution and speciation, particularly in relation to biological interactions across taxonomic levels (within species, between species/kingdoms) . Visit his website for more information.     How predictable is evolution? This question has historically been important […]


From the Field: A Summer in the San Juans

    About the Blog Author: Alexis Oetterer wrote this post as part of Dr. Stacy Krueger-Hadfield’s Scientific Communication Course at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is an PhD student in the Krueger-Hadfield evolutionary ecology lab and is interested in studying life cycle evolution and ecology. Follow Alexis on Twitter @AlexisOetterer.       […]


A walk on the beach, or an opportunity for great discovery?

About the blog author: Brinkley Thornton wrote this blog for Dr. Krueger-Hadfield’s Spring 2022 Science Communication course. Brinkley is currently a graduate student in the Department of Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham seeking her MS degree in Biology. She currently works in the Krueger-Hadfield Evolutionary Ecology Lab. Her MS research focuses on uncovering […]


From the Field: Backyard Phycology

About the blog author: Sarah Shainker Connelly (@SarahShainker) wrote this post as part of Dr. Stacy Krueger-Hadfield’s Scientific Communication course at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She completed a B.S. in Marine Biology at the College of Charleston before serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines in Coastal Resource Management. Sarah is now […]


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